What We’re Thinking about…

I am a science teacher.  I am part of a team.

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Back in 2015, I wrote an article that described the process of implementing new science standards as Climbing the NGSS Mountain.  Stories about mountain climbing often include pushing outside of the comfort zone, accounts of hard times, tales of courage and success, and reflections on lessons learned.  Common essentials to mountaineering success are a guide and a team.  The What we’re thinking about blog category features the guides and the team discussions as we work for students using contemporary research in science education focused on HOW to support ALL kids in achieving scientific literacy and problem-solving proficiency so they can be successful in the world.


The best views come from the hardest climb.

I am blessed to be in the classroom- I have not found a more magical space than a community of students and teachers working together to figure something out or solve a problem TOGETHER.  My role in science education has changed somewhat in that I spend equal time thinking about student learning AND adult learning. The What we’re thinking about blog category shares the challenges and the victories from classrooms and adult learning experiences  highlighting collective discussions between communities of educators.

By three methods, we may learn wisdom:  First, by reflection, which is the noblest; Second, by imitation, which is the easiest; Third, by experience, which is the bitterest. (Confucius)

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Our guides, our team, and our path to translating the new vision for science education shared in bite-size form- that is the lens of this blog category.  We welcome your comments and invite you to share your climb.


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